Educational Apps For The Avid Learner

Published on 12/25/2019

It’s almost 2020 and technology is having a moment. The tech industry influences far more than just techies and gamers; the education system is seeing drastic changes as well. Hardcover textbooks are out and iPads and e-books are in. Many start-ups around the world have created apps to help students excel in the classroom. From study tools to essay editors, celebrity lectures and everything in between, these apps provide an option for everyone.

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Educational Apps For The Avid Learner


No matter what you’re learning, flashcards come in handy. For the environmentally-conscious student and the forgetful doctor, StudyBlue created an app just for you. Users are able to create their own flashcard packs to assist with studying, no matter their location. This solution is paper-free and exists in your smartphone, talk about practicality and convenience all in one. If you aren’t interested just yet, you will be once we mention the ability to add audio and video content to your cards. StudyBlue created a network for its users, providing consumers the ability to share flashcards. This application is free, but for those looking for premium features, a subscription plan is available.


GradeProof is similar to Grammarly and Hemmingway, but it’s better! Scan documents for word choice, grammatical errors and sentence structure with GradeProof’s editor app. Avoid plagiarism with the company’s unique detector and submit documents with full confidence wherever you go. Although the $9.99 monthly subscription fee is a bit steep, the ability to edit documents from your smartphone is a convenience worth the money.


MasterClass screams sophistication from the design of the app to the classes it offers. Enjoy seminars with celebrity instructors like Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsey, and Margaret Atwood. Along with the app’s fancy aesthetic comes a hefty price tag. One class will run you $89.99, which is why most users opt for the $179.99 annual plan of unlimited access.


Is there anyone in the crowd who struggles with numbers? You aren’t alone. Photomath was created to provide users assistance with math equations. Scan different problems straight from a textbook and be amazed at the step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. You can also scan handwritten equations into the app or directly type them in. Although the app is most beneficial for high school and college students, advanced mathematicians will also find it useful.

Let’s embrace the tech world and welcome these exciting platforms into our lives. Not only will we broaden ourselves academically speaking, but professionally, too.