The Best Hacks To Make Your Dorm Room Much Cooler

Published on 02/21/2022

The one thing about a college dorm room, is that they all basically look the same. How can you showcase your originality and personality with such minimalism? Well lucky for you, we have all the hacks necessary to make your college dorm room look far more appealing. Your friends will be envious of how cool your room has become, it will surely become the ‘hangout’ dorm. These hacks are also super easy to implement! They are a must-follow and we can guarantee that you won’t look back!

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The Best Hacks To Make Your Dorm Room Much Cooler


Door Stoppers

When you first arrive at college, living in the dorms is by far the best way to meet people. It’s a little odd the first few weeks to just go into people’s rooms and say hello. But when you have to knock, it’s even worse. Having a door stopper is a huge advantage. It makes you appear more welcoming, and people are more likely to come over and say hello if your door is open rather than closed. Get one of these, and I guarantee you’ll have people in your room all of the time!

Blackout Curtains

This dorm hack will change your life forever. The dorms’ shades are awful and don’t block out any light. If you’re a light sleeper, I strongly advise you to invest in blackout curtains. These can be purchased on Amazon and are still be used years later. They operate so effectively that when you wake up in the morning, your room will be completely dark!

Space Saving Hangers

It’s depressing how little space there is in the dorms… especially for girls who want to dress up. We’re sure that you were having such a hard time fitting everything into my closet, but these hangers make it so much easier!

Laundry Bag With Straps or Wheels

You have to lug your laundry bag a long way to the laundry room when you live in a dorm. The worst part is when there’s no convenient way to carry it, making it considerably more difficult than it has to be. Laundry bags with wheels or straps make transporting your soiled clothing to the laundry room 10 times easier. It’s amazing how a simple dorm trick can make such a tremendous difference.

Dryer Sheets

These kinds of dorm hacks make life so much easier because they make use of items you already have! Using a dryer sheet and placing it on a fan or air vent immediately improves the smell of your room.

Have a Bedside Caddy

This is especially useful at night when you have all your belongings in your bed but don’t want to get out of bed to put them away… you know how it goes? It’s extremely convenient to have a shelf or caddy to put your belongings on before going to bed, especially if your bed is lofted!

Keep Binder Clips

You have to use the same plug for almost everything in such a little dorm room. There are cords everywhere, and digging through them on the ground to find the one you need is really inconvenient. This dorm hack solves the problem by organizing and storing all of your cords within easy reach!

Good Quality Slippers

Dorm flooring are quite revolting. You don’t want to be walking around barefoot in the common toilets or the filthy hallways. These Ugg slippers are just incredible. I’ve worn mine since freshman year and continue to wear them on a daily basis.

Tape a Laundry Cheat Sheet to Your Laundry Bag

I’m hoping I’m not the only one who forgets what the laundry symbols imply. When doing laundry, keeping a cheat sheet in your laundry bag will save you a lot of time (and save you from spoiling some of your garments).

Washi Tape to Organize Cords

As previously stated, you’ll have so many various cords in your dorm that it’ll be difficult to tell what’s what. Using washi tape to organize cords (as shown above) is a brilliant dorm hack that will keep all of your cords in their proper places.

Hanging Storage for Extra Closet Space

Hanging shelves are another wonderful dorm hack for maximizing storage space. I enjoy having my belongings organized in shelves, especially socks and underwear, which I can store in a bin for easy access. This is an excellent way to store things like this if you don’t have someplace else to put them.