The Best DIY Home-Hacks To Save You Tons Of Time And Cash!

Published on 11/22/2021

Sometimes we knowingly, or unknowingly waste money, time and resources when this can easily be avoided. There are tons of hacks out there that can rectify this situation and leave your bank account looking much healthier at the end of the month. Furthermore, you can even be more environmentally friendly using some of these hacks, while removing clutter from your home. Take a look at the list below and discover just how easily you can incorporate some of these tips.

Shutterstock 344266466

Shutterstock 344266466


Rechargeable Batteries

The first one is quite a simple, yet effective tip. It is thought that 3 billion batteries are thrown away annually by Americans, a stupidly high number that can easily be brought down. Many people often purchase cheap batteries (because who doesn’t want to save money?), but these usually don’t last very long and in the end you will surely end up spending more as the need to replace them increases in frequency. So how can we fix this situation? Rechargeable batteries! These are long lasting, and can be reused over and over again. Spend a little more once, save tons in the long-term.

Stop Losing Clothes!

Have you ever wondered where those lost socks, underpants and other tiny garments seem to go? Even though it may seem like they have been swallowed up by a black hole, there is usually a better explanation. One of these is the likelihood that they have fallen down the side or back of the washer/dryer. These are usually heavy and require some hefty effort to move. So why don’t we nip the issue in the bud from the off? Use foam! Simply purchase a foam pipe and cut the pipe to match length of the washer/dryer. Place the pipe in the space between the wall and the machine and voila, you will never lose another garment in this way again.

Kitchen Draw Organizer Remains Still

This one is a two-parter. Kitchen drawers can often get messy, and lets be real, it can be annoying. The forks seem to disappear, there are too many spoons and not enough knives and the only knives you can actually find are somewhere deep under other items. This is where a drawer organizer is the perfect item for any kitchen. The tray has separate sections for all your cutlery, so you have no excuse to ever lose a kitchen utensil or get them mixed up again. The next issue is keeping the tray still. It is unlikely that the tray will perfectly fit the size of the drawer, so every time you open and close it, it may well go flying and all your utensils will fly all over the place! So how do we combat this? Simply use a pool noodle! Yep, locate your pool noodle and measure the distance from the end of the tray until the end of the drawer. Cut this off of the noodle and place it in between. This will ensure that the drawer never moves. Innovation.

Hair-Tie Organizer

There must be something cursed with items like hair-ties, clips and other tiny items like these. They seem to disappear without reason and never be found. Ultimately because they’re so cheap you end up buying more and more, which ultimately disappear too. This seems to be a never ending sequence. We have a solution for you though! Simply use old toilet paper rolls! Yes, next time you finish a roll of toilet paper, don’t throw away the cardboard holder. They are the ideal size to put your hair-ties on, keeping them organized and visible. These can be placed easily in drawers or cupboards and completely kept together. Never lose a hair-tie ever again!

Microwave Cleaner

There is nothing more annoying than cleaning your microwave. The food dries and becomes impossible to scrape off. Luckily, we have the solution for you! Using this method you can save yourself lots of time, easily wiping off all that filth. All you need to do is take a measuring jug or a coffee cup and add water and a slice of lemon. Simply boil the water for 60 seconds and leave the door closed. After around ten minutes the steam will loosen the mess entirely and everything will easily wipe away. This is a top hack that you need to try.