Quick Tips On How To Take Class Notes Like A Pro

Published on 08/11/2021

Heading off to college is a whole new ball game. One of the most useful skills you can master as a student is effective note-taking. Many experts argue that this is a skill that should be taught to students while they are still in school so it can benefit them later on in life. So, for those who are still unsure how to approach note-taking, keep reading to see these helpful tips.

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Quick Tips On How To Take Class Notes Like A Pro

Sit Close To The Professor

Many students seem to have some kind of “fear” when it comes to sitting at the front of the class. However, this really is the best place to sit. Why? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons, firstly, you will get a much better view from the front, and secondly is it much easier to hear what the professor is saying. Hearing everything your professor says is so important when trying to get the best notes. All your focus will be on the class, making it easier to concentrate and take in more. Studies have proven that students who sit in the front of the class tend to achieve higher grades in university. So if you thought that it doesn’t matter where you sit, think again!

Use The Mind Mapping Method

Although there are so many different kinds of ways that students can take notes, experts really recommend the mind mapping system. This method is an excellent way of taking notes for specific subjects. Classes such as chemistry, history, and philosophy that have interconnected topics or complex, abstract ideas are perfect for this method. Furthermore, experts suggest that mind mapping can increase your creativity and productivity because it’s a brilliant tool to help you generate more information as well as identify relationships between different kinds of information. Mind maps are a great visual representation that help students jot down keywords and only the most important information

Used Colored Pens & Highlighters

Besides the fact that this idea is just super cool, using different colors for certain sections of your notes can help you become a more efficient thinker. You can separate topic titles, sub-headings and definitions in this manner, or you can just color-code notes according to the subject matter. Whatever suits your style will certainly work. But at least your notes won’t look so boring anymore!

Write Neatly

If you decide to handwrite your notes the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, it’s important to make sure that you can read what you have written. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to studying for exams, as you won’t have to decipher or decode your notes. Of course, many students tend to rush when taking notes or even struggle with neat handwriting. So if this is the case and you are not able to work on this issue, perhaps consider switching to another notetaking method.

Keep Your Notes Short

It’s tempting to try and write down every detail the lecturer says, but this is actually pretty useless. The last thing you want is to have pages and pages of information when it comes to the exam period. It’s far more effective and helpful to keep your notes short and summarised. All you need to do is focus on the most important facts. You also don’t need to write down stuff you already know. Focus on the information that’s new!