DIY Multi-Functional Dorm Storage Boxes

Published on 01/28/2020
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DIY  Multi-Functional Dorm Storage Boxes

Making your dorm room warm and cozy is a vital part of your college experience. Being away from home can be rather difficult for some. However,  having less space than you’re used to and potentially sharing space can be challenging for some. These easy and creative DIY storage boxes will maximize your organization and add a personal touch to your dorm room. The storage containers also function as seats. A true two-in-one bargain.

The components needed are:

  • milk crates/ storage crates (these come in various colors)- in a rectangular shape
  •  18″ x 18″ pillow-form or 2 thick cushion foam packages
  • 1 meter of any preferred fabric
  • Ribbon measured to 8” and an additional piece to 30″
  • 1/4 thick plywood cut to the dimensions of the inner lip of your crate (can be done at most home stores)
  • Chalkboard sign
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Chalk
  • Semi-gloss paint (color of your liking)


  • Start by painting your plywood, once dry it will be placed underneath the cover for extra strength
  • Using your fabric lay it right side down placing your foam or pillow-form on top
  • Place your dry plywood with the painted side facing upward (Variation: if using pillow-form: staple each corner of your pillow-form to the matching section of the plywood first, then continue with the fabric step)
  • Using the fabric drag it upwards and wrap the pillow as if you are wrapping a normal present, fold the edges to ensure it looks neat and tidy
  • Stable the edges securely
  • Making use of your 8″ ribbon, to create a pull addition, fold the ribbon in half, place it in the center of one of the shorter length sides and stable (ensure this is on the down-facing side)
  • Using your 30″ ribbon, replace the twine on your chalk-board and intertwine ribbon through your crate on the front-facing side- this will be used as a label
  • Place your goodies in the crate for storage and close using your perfectly adjusted pillow lid

There you have it your beautiful multi-use dorm room storage unit.