The Best Themes For Your Next College Party

Published on 01/02/2020
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The Best Themes For Your Next College Party

Every college freshman waits around for their first theme party. You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, you’ve heard the stories, and now its time to experience it for yourself. Themed parties make everything more exciting from outfit and decoration preparation to the actual party itself, having a theme makes people more excited about the event! Sometimes themes get repetitive, like come on how many jersey parties can you go? But with this list, you’ll always have so many fresh ideas for your next college rager. Even if you’ve graduated college, you should consider these themes the next time you have friends over.


This one we have never heard of and we are all over it! Start by changing all the regular lightbulbs at the party for blacklights and tell everyone to wear white. Supply enough highlighters for everyone and go ahead and draw all over everyone’s clothing. Everyone will be glowing in the dark in no time!

Anything But Clothes

No, this is not an excuse for girls to wear even fewer clothes than they already wear. Instead, this is an original idea where guests have to come dressed in outfits made from anything except actual clothing. This can mean garbage bags, newspapers, sheets, duct tape. The options are endless.

High School Stereotypes

Because who doesn’t like going back to Highschool for the night? This is the perfect chance for the high school nerd to be the big jock with the cheerleader girlfriend for the night. This idea is always a classic success because everyone loves some nostalgia now and again. We hope you still have your letterman jacket because it will definitely come in handy for this party. Coem as your own highschool stereotype or whoever you want to be, here’s your chance to live out your long life fantasy.

You Are What You Eat

Okay, this one is absolutely hilarious. I think I might choose it at my next party! Tell your guests to not only dress up as their favorite food but also bring the food. Make it a dinner party and this way you don’t have to provide all the munchies yourself. Win, win situation.