Top Partying Colleges In The US

Published on 02/24/2020

College is more than just a coming of age, more than an education but an all-round experience. America is known for its college experiences, sorority’s, campus life and parties. It’s about a balance, enjoying yourself and still managing to keep that GPA up. However, US colleges throw some of the wildest parties of all time and we are going to break down the who’s who of it all…

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Top Partying Colleges In The US


Texas ranks in at number one with cowboy hats, horns and a bar named Library, so you won’t be lying when you tell your mom you were at the library all night. This party school fills the town with 60,000 students and its townspeople too. Cheap beer and sports culture, Texas is the champion party school and they have been ranked it.

Ole Miss

College football culture is rife and everyone is in support. The Tailgate is where all go to eat, drink and party whilst watching. They are known for turning it up, “We may have lost a game, but we’ve never lost a party,” the mantra goes. They are even known for giving free goods to other teams at this local hotspot.


This campus will take your breath away and the party life will leave you with not a memory of it. State Street is filled with bars and they have a weekly student party on Thursday nights too. No matter the weather Wisconsin is ready to party.


They are known for housing the drink “The Derailer” which was anything at the bar that was clear with a drop of soda if that’s not enough to make you pass out we are not sure what is. The bars are so good they even attract Mississippi State students. This town has the best ribs and a ton of parties and bars to go with them.


The University of California Santa Barbara or what students call: “U Can Study Buzzed.” How is that work ethic? This is the only campus with its own beach and the parties are found at Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista. I think the abbreviation says it all quite honestly.