How To Meal Prep As A College Student

Published on 03/19/2020

College is an interesting time, where it is filled with many opportunities and changes. Most college students have only ever had their moms or dads cooking delicious home-made meals for them, and then feel intimated by cooking once they move into college. One of the best options that can save you time and money is meal-prepping. This will give you a lot more time to study and of course, to socialize! Here are some of the best meal-prep tips and hacks.

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How To Meal Prep As A College Student

Planning & Setting A Budget

The first step is to set yourself a budget! Going forward you can make yourself a food calendar for the week or month ahead before you go grocery shopping. There are also many amazing meal planning apps to help you stay organized.

Choose Ingredients That Are Interchangeable

This where you may need to up your research game. Choose 2 or 3 recipes for the week that use very similar ingredients(if you’re feeling adventurous select some more). This will help you reduce the number of items you need to buy.

Buy In Bulk

As many college students are on a tight budget, do your best to stock up on the staple foods. For example at the start of each semester, buy as many of the basic ingredients in bulk. Buying in bulk is often cheaper in the long-run and can save you a lot.

Prepare Vegetables and Grains

A great hack for saving time is to pre-chop your vegetables and cook your grains such as rice, pasta, noodles for the week. This is a better option than having to prepare each meal from scratch for the next day.

Keep It Simple

Meal preparation does not have to be a difficult or complicated task. Although eating the same kind of meal over may be boring, you can switch up your recipes every now and again. But use recipes that you can easily put together and are not too complex.


Small glass or plastic containers are a great option for meal-prepping because they are reusable, microwavable and can easily be stored in the freezer if needed. It is also an excellent way to portion out your meals in an organized fashion.