Feeling Low? Here Are Easy Ways You Can Make Yourself Feel Better

Published on 06/18/2020
Feeling Low Here Are Easy Ways You Can Make Yourself Feel Better

Feeling Low Here Are Easy Ways You Can Make Yourself Feel Better

It’s totally natural to go through rough times. Everyone has different things that stress them out in their daily lives, and at times, it can become overwhelming. We’ve all been there. During college, these stressful periods can feel a lot worse with everything else that’s going on at the same time. Whether it’s exam season or you have a lot of projects and homework to get through, it’s okay to get overwhelmed. If you do find yourself feeling low and overwhelmed by everything, don’t despair. There are easy little hacks to help make yourself feel better. While every person is different, there still are universal ways to help someone lift their mood. When you’re going through something and are feeling low, try some of these things and see which helps you the most:

Take A Moment

You don’t need a lot of time dor this. Whether you want to meditate or simply breathe, take a moment, and close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths. Think about something that makes you smile, even for a second or two. Once you open your eyes, you’ll automatically feel a little better after focusing on a happy thought.

Do Something Kind

At times, the best way to give yourself a pick-me-up is by doing something nice for others. This could be as simple as buying the person in line behind you a drink or giving someone a compliment. When you’re not in a great mood, it can be easy to slip inside your own mind and become almost trapped in a negative cycle. Doing something kind for another will take your focus off yourself and help you get out of your own head.

Write It Down

At times, our thoughts and feelings can become too much, and we get too wrapped up in all the negativity. To ease this a little, it’s a good idea to grab a paper or notebook and write it down. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar or anything like that, it’s only to take a load off your mind.

Make Some Tea

Tea is a special drink. Smelling the delicious aroma, relaxing while the water boils, and the tea steeps. It’s an experience within itself. Not to mention, holding a warm mug is physically soothing to the body and mind.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Flowers have both a visual impact as well as a lovely scent. Treating yourself to something nice will help you feel better. On top of that, having fresh flowers in the house will definitely uplift your mood.