4 Of The Best International Universities To Study At

Published on 09/06/2021

So you’re about to go to college, congratulations! Now comes the tricky question, where? Where are you going to apply for, where can you get in? These questions can cause the mind to wander from the beginning! Maybe you’re thinking New York, L.A, but have you considered an international school? Times like these are the optimum times to discover new cultures, while getting an accredited degree at the same time. Even if you ultimately decide to study in the States, no problem; there are some truly great schools in the U.S.A. However, maybe there is a semester abroad option; the opportunity to spend some time in a potentially exotic place. Continue reading this article to discover which places you should consider applying for or spending time at, you will not regret it!

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4 Of The Best International Universities To Study At

Leeds University, United Kingdom

A terrifically ranked university in its own right, Leeds University is also situated in a city full of interesting culture and plenty of worthwhile activities. I’m sure when you think of England, you will think of London. However, London is not the only worthwhile place to visit in the United Kingdom! Though amazing as it is, it is also rather expensive. Students are known not to have an endless budget, and this is why you should consider a university quite like Leeds. Situated in the North of England, in Yorkshire, Leeds is a large English city in its own right (the fourth largest in all of England). Additionally, compared to London, everything is super cheap. Expect rent to be almost half of what you would need to pay in London, as well as restaurants, bars and recreational activities. A beer in London might set you back up to £6, whereas in Leeds you would more commonly find one between £3-4. Academics are actually in the same stature too. Leeds is up there with universities like UCL, King’s College and is a Russel Group university (similar to Ivy League). Open your minds, explore this amazing city while getting a fantastic overseas experience.

The University of Oslo, Norway

Norwegian universities are unique for a sole special reason. Public institutions in Norway are entirely free for higher education, for any student! That’s right, you can apply from anywhere in the world, arrive and study completely for free. Due to this, Norwegian universities have become a hotspot for international students. The teaching is of a very high quality, and it’s Nordic background and history is something surely interesting to all. Being a European university, it is only a short flight away from many major European cities like Barcelona, Paris and Berlin; meaning your holiday periods can be well spent travelling Europe. Living costs in Norway are fairly expensive, but with the amount saved on tuition this surely balances right out. A great opportunity which should definitely be explored further.

The University of Sydney, Australia

Wow, where to even start with this one. The University of Sydney is based, well, in Sydney. Which means you are right next to the infamous Bondi beach, among other pillars of Australia like the unique Sydney Opera house and an amazing Aussie culture, that you can only truly experience there. The University itself is considered top-notch, seeing itself consistently present in the top 50 world university rankings. Known as leaders in education, research, student experience and employability; Sydney University is definitely worth investigating.

Technische Universität München, Germany

Similarly to Norway, public universities in Germany are also free to all students, including internationals. This is another great opportunity to take your education to a European hotspot. Munich is a glorious city full of history, beauty and much to see. The home of the famous soccer team Bayern Munich, Munich is also home to many famous beer gardens, parks and interesting features. The university itself is also a top 50 QS world ranked university. With excellent teaching, the opportunity to engross yourself in German culture, try German food and beer, TUM is a university worth considering. Bordering other countries such as Netherlands and Belgium, you can take the train and visit hotspots like Amsterdam on a weekend or during a holiday period. Considered one of the best lifestyles, Germans have a certain way, and it is certainly enjoyable and pleasant.

Take a dip from the mainstream university experience, engage in a European adventure, and Australian experience; while saving yourself some cash at the same time! A bachelors degree in England is only three years, maybe save yourself a year of studying while enjoying some of the best parties around and studying hard with high quality teaching!