Why Joining A Fraternity Or Sorority is A Great Idea

Published on 01/27/2021

College is often said to be the best times of our lives. In order to make the experience even more enjoyable, many young students decide to join a sorority or fraternity. But the big question is why? Well, Greek life can provide a vast number of benefits for all its members. One of them being that it is a super place to call home which is amazing for new students struggling with the idea of being away from family for the first time. Keep reading to see some of the countless opportunities and advantages for those who join a college sorority or fraternity.

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Why Joining A Fraternity Or Sorority is A Great Idea

Lifelong Friends

By joining a fraternity or sorority, the chances are really high that your social life will be centered around your club activities. In turn, because you are spending so much time with the other members of the association, there’s no doubt that strong bonds and lasting friendships will be formed. It has always been said by loads of fraternity and sorority members, the friendships made within the community is definitely like no other.

Academic Benefits

Strong fraternities know the purpose of going to college is to receive a quality education. As a result, many fraternities create an environment where excellence in academics is not only encouraged, but expected. Some chapters will take this so far that they will establish standards to ensure their membership takes their academic pursuits seriously. In my undergraduate experience, this was most often shown by brothers taking classes together and older brothers taking the time to tutor younger brothers. Both helped members achieve academically.

Sense of Belonging

When it comes to moving away from home for the first time and having to quickly adapt to college life, it’s often a lot more difficult than expected. As a new student, it can often be completely overwhelming and sometimes terrifying. This is why sorority or fraternity life is the best cure for that. Within no time, students get to meet many people, network and automatically feel a sense of belonging to the brother or sisterhood. For many, this can be one of the most comforting things.


When students join a sorority or fraternity, there’s no more worrying about what to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Both sororities and fraternities help plan out all your fun activities and events while you’re in college. Each Greek house has its own definition of the wildest and weirdest traditions assocated with college life. Some of the best activities include game night, informal Olympic games, ice-cream social or even the traditional greek party. However, before you consider joining a sorority or fraternity make sure you share their idea of what fun is. Otherwise, it might actually be less enjoyable than you expected.