Dorm Decorating Tips For Valentine’s Day

Published on 01/29/2020

Decorating your dorm room is always a blast, especially during the holidays. If you love hearts, glitter, the colors pink and red and love itself, chances are you’re going to fall head over heels for this holiday. What’s a holiday without decorations, right? Dorm rooms are super bleak- thank god Valentine’s Day decorations are here to save the day. We’ve prepared a bunch of fun DIY activities to get your space ready for the day of love!

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Dorm Decorating Tips For Valentine’s Day

What You’ll Need:



Valentine’s Day is not complete without glitter- who agrees with us?? You can put glitter practically on anything- just try to keep it contained…it gets everywhere! You’ll need materials such as construction paper, tissue paper, and stickers. This way you’ll be able to apply your glitter to something! We recommend glue- it holds glitter best. Pink and red glitter are obviously musts, but rainbow, purple, white and silver are also good to buy as well.

2-Pink & Red Paper

You’ll need paper to make heart cut-outs and to make banners to hang up on your walls. Pink and red are obviously the best choices since these are the signature colors of Valentine’s Day.


There’s no better way to decorate your room than to hang up streamers. You can buy regular, sparkly, shiny or make your own! They will add glitz and glam to your small space and they take up no room at all. You can hang the streamers horizontally or vertically- whichever your heart desires (no pun intended)!

However you decide to decorate this year, we hope you have a fabulous day filled with love and good vibes. Don’t forget glitter, pink & red paper and streamers to ensure a fabulous and cheery set-up!

P.S. Don’t forget to eat lots of sweets- calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day!

xoxo Learnitwise