The Best Budgeting Apps For Students

Published on 11/15/2020

When people start Univerity or college you really do learn a lot about life, however, budgeting may not always be amongst those life lessons. We all know how challenging it can be to keep track of all your finances and can often be very overwhelming and somewhat frustrating. Fortunately, nowadays managing your money is now so much easier than a lot of people think…and this is all thanks to some excellent budgeting applications. There are loads of simple and extremely helpful apps that have been created even for budgeting beginners. We’ve sifted through all the best budgeting apps out there, many of which are free and available on both iOS and Android.

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The Best Budgeting Apps For Students


This amazing app basically gives users everything they need and want! The main thing is getting to see just how much money is available? Essentially, everything from saving to spending is automatically calculated once the numbers are added to the application. Students can easily see just how much money they have remaining “in my pocket” for the rest of the day, week, or month. For those who like to budget their finances in more detail with things like clothing, eating out, and groceries, you can easily do so too.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is said to be one of the best applications that provide people with the best savings account options online. This application is smartly designed for those you want to identify many ways to save. Clarity Money is a completely free application that uses machine learning to analyze your personal finances and then assists you to make smart decisions. By linking Clarity Money to your credit card accounts, you can easily take control of your finances.


Mint is a super, all-inclusive tool for those who are still very new to the budgeting game. So how exactly does this work? Well, Mint automatically updates and sorts transactions which then creates a real-time picture of what has been spent. Bills are now easier for people to track as the application allows you to completely take charge of all your finances with a simple touch of a button. Users can add their own categories, track their bills, and set budgets that alert them when they’re close to exceeding their maximum spending amount. Mint is said to be one of the most popular budgeting apps for students.


Penny is a great interactive application that not only helps you track all your finances but allows you to also enjoy everything that is involved with budgeting. Basically, Penny provides you with a detailed summary of all expenses and then automatically sorts it into categories. This is no doubt extremely valuable, which is why we recommend this app to every student struggling with budgeting. Penny has been featured in Forbes, TIME, and even The New York Times


For all you students out there that cannot keep track of all your crazy expenses, this is just the app for you! Slice tracks all the details from every dongle online purchase that you’ve done…all in one place. This includes receipts from shopping to tracking recently bought packages and price drops on products that you’ve recently looked at. But that’s not all, Slice also keeps tracks of all your purchase history which will ultimately give you peace of mind.