Stay On Top Of Things This Year And Make Yourself A College Binder

Published on 03/10/2020
Stay On Top Of Things This Year And Make Yourself A College Binder

Stay On Top Of Things This Year And Make Yourself A College Binder

Starting college can be an intimidating experience. From making sure that all your classes are in order to move in the dorms and organizing everything else, there’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time. However, while you’re busy learning everyone’s names and where to go for class, there are some things you need to remember, but you don’t. Important information that’s easy to forget. So, to help you keep it all in one place and organized, you should make yourself a college binder to keep track of everything. Feel free to print out whatever you need and just stick it all into a binder so everything is in one place. What should you be putting in this binder? We’ll break it down:

Medical Forms

In order to attend college, there are some medical forms that need to be filled out. While we hope you won’t actually need them, it’s good to keep them somewhere safe where you can easily find them.


We don’t mean your home address, but your room address at school. You might memorize it eventually, but it’s still a good idea to have it written down.


It’ll probably take a week or two for you to remember your schedule. Of course, you can always look it up online, but if you wake up late and can’t remember what building you have to be in, it’s much quicker to flip open a binder.

Account Info

Whether it’s your student identification number, username, email, or hints to the passwords you need for the school system, it’s good to have it written down so you don’t forget it when you need it.

Important Phone Numbers

This is especially helpful if you’re studying in an unfamiliar place. It’s best to include numbers like campus offices, local restaurants and so on. And, of course, emergency numbers.

Medical Info

If you have prescriptions, you’ll most likely refill them over the year. This and other relevant medical information is good to have on hand in case of emergencies.