Things To Do In Between Classes

Published on 12/23/2019
Things To Do In Between Classes

Things To Do In Between Classes

No matter how busy your college schedule might be, you’ll find that you’ll still have some time to kill in between classes every now and again. When that does happen, and you have awkward gaps between classes, what do you do? If you want to make use of that precious time but can’t think of how, then this list is for you. We’ve gathered some things you can do when you have some spare time in between your classes.


Take a little time to wander around your campus – you never know what hidden gems you might find! You could very well stumble across your new favorite study spot, or discover spots not many students know about.

Power Nap

Scientifically proven to help you be more productive, power naps are a great way to make use of a small break you might have in between classes.


This seems obvious, but we felt like it had to be said anyway. Doing your homework or studying during your breaks can free up time for you to hang out with friends after classes or even go to the gym.

Visit a Professor

If you find yourself struggling in a certain class, go visit the professor and discuss it! Most professors and TAs have office hours and would be more than happy to help you, no matter how intimidating they seem.


Getting a job on campus is not only a great way to kill time during your breaks, but it will also give you much-needed experience for when you graduate. Most colleges have a career center, so be sure to visit and see what they have to offer!

Join a Club

While there are only a limited amount of clubs in high school, in college, there is seemingly an endless amount! There has got to be one that you’ll like, and even if you don’t find one, you can always create one yourself.

Do Laundry

Yes, we know you probably hate doing laundry, but it’s a necessary thing we all need to do.

Run Errands

Make use of the spare time you have to get things done you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. From giving in paperwork to going to the bank, this will also allow you more free time later in the day.

Go Shopping

Been too busy to buy all the things you need for classes? Go buy them in between them! Run to the store when you’ve got a few hours to spare and buy the things you need.